Chapter 3: Z

I grabbed one of the boys, and Drake, the other. I sighed in anger. We didn’t like this at all. The crack in my visor was annoying, but at least the filter wasn’t broken. Why didn’t Drake get hurt? I saw his side, and then flipped. “Dude, you got stabbed!” I shouted. In his side was a knife.

“What?” he asked. “Oh, hey! Doesn’t even itch” he said, smiling. 

“Sit down!” I shouted, angry.

“Nah, its fine.”

“We need to get back to HQ” I said, angry.

“PHHT. I have a med. kit right here” he said, pointing at his belt. I sat him down, and patched him up.

“So, we botched.”

“Look, better we botched and survived than botched and died” I said, tightening a bandage.

“Yeah, sure. Hey, wasn’t the kid on a board?” he asked. I nodded. “Can’t we trace those?” 

“Holy- Oh my gosh, we can” I said, sitting down. “Oh my gosh.”

“Well, what are we waiting for?”

“Sorry, I’m just hesitant” I sighed. That kid looked odd.


“Well, were we chasing a boy, or a girl?”

“Did you see any… Growth?”

“Dude, its breasts.”

“Yeah, did you see any?”


“Then it was a dude!” he said. 

“But what if it was a girl? We would have lost to a GIRL” I said, shuddering.

“If you said that, I’d have hit you and said it was a bad dream.”

“And I wouldn’t believe you.” I sighed, and thought more. “He seemed to be hurting, and he was bleeding. What if he needs help? And… He was avoiding casualties. If he were a lowly thug, why would he do that? And he isn’t a devil…”

“Well, we’re going to find him, so…. Hey, why is the casualties so important?”

“Because… Well, isn’t it odd?” I asked.

“No… Hey, did Boss say who it was?”


“Okay, lets call him” I said, when there was static.

“Saw the whole thing. I think that boy is now top priority” he said.

“But, what about these two?”

“I don’t care. Hell, at this point, not even the serum is important. He just beat four of the top agents. I want HIM” boss said.

“O… Okay” I said, and we followed the ion trail.


We traced him to an abandoned part of the city filled with radiation poisoning. If you breathed in the ash, you’d die. I looked through the broken section of my lense, and saw a barn. That is where the trail was.

“Ready?” I asked.

“Sure.” Drake almost flew, but then I grabbed him.

“What are you doing?!”

“Flying over!”

“No! You’ll scare him off!”

“So what? We’re gonna walk?”

“Yeah, thats why we have legs.”

“Walking was so last century” he moaned.

“Well then, lets bring back the past, huh?” I asked. I pulled him down, and we walked into the barn, horse and cow bones littering the floor. Above us was a candle, and ladders. It was amazing they didn’t rot away. Drake and I climbed up, and saw him, passed out. 

“Wow. Talk about creepy” Drake said as he got up. I crept over to him, and saw a bottle of blue. 

Torianophitz: Warning creates drowsiness. Only for children 13 and up. Use responsibly I smirked. He was out of it. Around him was multiple forks and knives and even a cooking pan.

“Drake, we can talk” I said, grabbing some shackles. “And I don’t think we need these helmets. The air up here is clean.”

“Why?” he asked, looking at a book.

“Because he took some medicine” I said, tightening the shackles. Drake threw the book at me.

“Check this out. Only pencil even though he has tons of pens full of ink” he said. I caught it, and flipped through. I turned to the latest entry, which was today.

Just took some medicine. Won’t do me any good though. My body is eating itself alive. Curse it, where is food when you need it? Stupid fever. I also ran into four boys today, all of whom wanted to grab me for opening this box for some reason… I don’t remember what was in the box, or eve what box it was. My head hurts so bad. I keep coughing up blood. My palm is getting stained. I think that I left some blood at the crime scene. I didn’t even notice the blood at first. I’m going to die if I don’t get some food. And if I get the food, its still very possible I’ll die by capture… Sorry, hand is trembling, have to go. I turned to the other entry.

Help me. I’m sick. There is blood everywhere. My head hurts, and my hand… I dropped some ink in here. Third page… If it escapes… My hand keeps trembling. I need help, but I can’t get any. I’m all alone. Then again, could be worse. I couldn’t believe this, and then felt the frying pan, the most random weapon ever.


Chapter four: ?

Okay, I hit him with the pan, but what else could I do? I was still drowsy, so missed the other dude entirely as I lunged for my board. He grabbed me, and glared. “Man, you got some issues” he sighed. I kicked him, and threw my arms about. My head hurt even more.

“Ow” Zion grumbled, rubbing his head. I bit the other guy, and jumped for my board. “FRYING PAN!” Zion chucked it at me, and I face planted. Oh, my hands were tied. I didn’t like this at all.

“Because he’s sick, should we be nice with him?” he asked.

“Yeah” Zion said. “Drake, you get the board, I get him.” I hated them! Drake, you turd! I thrashed, but couldn’t keep in the red. Ow, my lungs. The redhead gave me his helmet and grabbed my pillow. Ripping it was NOT cool.


“Oh, hush. Where we’re going you’ll get a new one.” Sure, a new one that was filled with rocks and aimed for my face! I hated him. Them.

“NNNN!” He pulled my arms over his neck, and Drake got my board. We left my barn, and saw the sunrise and some birds. I started to fall asleep, but he said ‘no’ and made me bounce.

“Race you!”

“I have cargo!”


“Fine.” We went faster, and almost hit a building. I flinched, and then they dropped. I squeezed tighter, and he kicked the ignition. We landed with a thud, and sighed in relief. Oh thank God.

“Jumpy” he chuckled, lifting me off of his shoulders.

“Pht.” I sneezed, and it sounded like a cat. I didn’t know why, but I grew embarrassed, and then this big guy came out.

“HEY, you got him!” he said, clapping. 

“Yeah, but we didn’t get the serum” Drake sighed The pink juice? Where did I hide it?

“I think this one is better than the serum” he said, picking me up.

“NNN!” I hated them all! I bit him, but he didn’t flinch. 

“Wow, feisty” he noted. I didn’t like him at all. “Lets get him inside, huh?”

“Sure. I will get him a blanket” Drake said.

“I’ll grab some medicine and food” Zion added.

“Okay, boys.” He loosed the shackles, and smiled. “Well now, how are you?” I looked around. I had to get to the first floor. What did I do? I punched him in the face, and broke into the building. Drake took my board, darn it. I ran in, and looked for an elevator or something.

“Grab that kid!” the man shouted behind me. A kid grabbed me, so I snapped something. Lucky me, he wore armour, so I didn’t break any bones. I just hurt him with an indian burn. I turned a left, and found the elevator. I tore it open with my hands, iron in my mouth, my head throbbing.

“Open, darn it, open I whispered to myself, the man getting closer. It opened just in time. I grabbed the metal wire, and held on, my hands bleeding. Ow, ow, ow. The man looked down on me as I hit the top of the elevator and tore open a section of it.

“Wh-” one kid asked, when I jumped on their heads, and knocked them out. I opened the door just in time, because the man was right there. I was on the second floor. I could get out. I couldn’t use the elevator, so I found the stairs.

“All agents, flight is temporarily allowed in HQ! GRAB THAT KID!!!” he screamed, chasing me. I laughed. 

“BLPHHHT!” I teased, sticking my tongue out. Yes, very mature, I know. I laughed, and then bumped into six boys who were flying right at me, and blew me right past the man I got rid of the, but was then swarmed by thirty others, and they pinned me down. Even worse, the exit was RIGHT there. Ultimate troll. The man laughed, his lip split, and Drake and Zion watched. My lungs… My head… I couldn’t keep in the red, and couldn’t breathe. It hurt… So much pain. My whole body was trembling. I was in SO much trouble.

“Hey, come on” Drake said. I loosed a foot, and kicked him in the shin, when Zion cut in, and looked down on me. I froze. Why couldn’t I move? He made the boys let me go, and squatted to my level.

“You ready to listen?” I raised a fist, but he grabbed it. “You know you don’t want to hurt me.” I didn’t? “And you know that you’re tired, and your arms feel heavy. Your eye lids are weighing down. In fact, you feel like its safe to fall asleep. And do you want to know why?” he asked. I did, because now I was tired. Yet, sleep seemed impossible. “Because I was just like you. We all were. We were alone and afraid and hurting, just like you. And if we wanted to hurt you, we would have, and you’d be dead. See?” he asked. I was really sleepy, then saw he had a pad with needles in it. That was used for poisoning people, or drugging them when they need surgery.


“So, you’re going to sleep now, and I’ll protect you.” I trusted him. I believed him, and I didn’t know why. Maybe sleep wasn’t and wouldn’t be so bad. I drifted, and morphed into this twilight sleep, hearing everything. Why was he so afraid? Who was he? Had he been identified yet? How long would he stay? What was going to happen? Where would he stay? I then hit this marshmallow, and was fully passed on into darkness, sleep enveloping my mind.


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