Bloody black king

Chapter 1: Z

I like getting up early for missions, but 3:11 A.M? “Zion! Wake up!” my room mate hissed. Fine. I rolled onto the floor, and glared at him. His name is Drake Quelch- DQ for Drama Queen, fitting his personality perfectly- a blonde boy with blue eyes. 

“What?” I asked impatiently, exhausted. 

“Dude, we HAVE to go! We got a mission from Boss!” He threw me my black long pants and longsleeve shirt with me gloves. “Get dressed! And for God’s sake, wipe the drool off your chin!”

“Acting mature? Not asking for five more minutes? Who are you, and what have you done with Drake?!” I asked, laughing. He jumped on me, and gave me a noogie. 

“There, that it. Hurry!” he shouted, getting up as he pulled me beside him.

“Whats the mission?” I asked.

“You’n’me gotta go get this serum. It could change the whole war” he said. I face planted, surprised.

This war he mentioned is a war between thief guilds that had been going on for 39 years. Tonight at ten would be the 40th anniversary. It started for simple reasons. 1/2 of the guild wanted to destroy the government and rule over the city/ world. The Devils. The other half- my half- wanted to simply steal enough to thrive, but leave enough for the victim to live well. The Shadows. We were talking about right and wrong, which is ironic, because stealing in general is wrong.


“Yeah!” I smirked. This would be good. He laughed though, and then said that when he got back the first thing he was going to do was play some video games. I chuckled. 2103, and still the teenage race remained the same. Young, dumb, and mostly numb when it comes to the real world. LOL.

“Kay, hold on” I said, slipping my pants over my boxers. He tapped his foot impatiently. I got on my boots, and checked the fuel. These weren’t normal boots, but jets. You simply kicked the ignition switch, and you’d be flying. I buckled it, then tied the laces, and then added another buckle before we walked to Boss’ office. No flying in HQ. 

When we entered Boss’ room, he had just gotten out of the shower, his bleached hair- which was turning gray- was soaking, and his black eyes were clearly sleep deprived. He smiled. “Boys.”


“The mission is going to be the retrieval of a serum in Omnicorp on the third floor, safe box number 984. There is NO botching this, understood?” he asked.

“Gee, no pressure” Drake grumbled.

“How many men are coming with us?”

“None, though I think you’ll be fine” he said. Drake and I were number 1 in terms of battle and strategy, so I agreed. “There will be Devils there, too. You must be careful, and you must not get caught. I expect you to be at the feast tonight” he continued. I nodded.

“Sir.” We left, and went to the top floor of the old abandoned Empire State building. Drake and I jumped on the rail, and just stood there.

“So, we mess this up, we’re screwd” Drake sighed, scratching his head.

“Yep. No pressure” I replied, smirking.

“Race you?” he asked, looking ahead at the dark building and the night sky, spires puncturing the clouds up high.

“I always win though” I chuckled. 

“Maybe I’ll get lucky. HA!” he said, getting a head start. I scoffed, grinning.

“Stupid.” I raced him, and of course, I won. Then came trouble 1, 2, and 3.


Chapter 2: ?

If I knew I was going to get ambushed and then carted off to a living hell, I’d have called in sick, which would have been easy, because I was. I broke into this office on the first floor, and what catches my eye? A big safe. What was I looking for? Food. I told myself I wouldn’t go in. Food…. Food. When my attempt to find anything edible, I thought. What do you put in safes? Moonhey- not money, but digital currency. What does moonhey get? Food.I broke into it, and then did something odd. I went to safe box 123, and opened it. A bag of marbles. I took it, and grinned. Useful. I added 123 to itself, and went to safe box 246. There was a pen in that one, and I clicked it. There was a lasar! SO cool! I almost burned a hole through me foot though. I added 246, an got 492. Nothing good. I then went to 984, and opened it to see some pink slush in a vile. I grinned. Just like my eyes… Oh, you don’t know what I look like. I’m a girl who had been experimented on, metallic pink eyes. I have black hair and pallid skin from lack of sun and overexposure to radiation. I smiled, and stuffed it in my bandages which hid my chest. Didn’t need people knowing I was a girl.

I smiled, and then I sighed. What was this stuff for? I didn’t care, at first. I started to walk to the vent so I could escape, when four people fell down almost on top of me. I jumped back just in time, and just watched. There were two in all red with red bandanas and glasses, and I couldn’t really see them. Then there were two in black, and helmets on their heads, one of the visors broken on one of the kids. I saw emerald eyes with red hair, and didn’t know what to do. I held the marbles, and grinned. I knew.

“What?” the redhead asked

“He opened 984!” his friend said.

“WHAT?!” asked the two reds.

“Where is it?!”

“I dunno!”

“Jack, grab him!” one red hissed.

“Let go of my meal ticket!” the red head growled.

“Hands off!” the black said, and the red head jumped for me. I tossed the marbles on the floor, and they all went skidding as I jumped on their heads. Suckers. Then I realized that I was coughing, and there was blood in my palm. I had to hurry.

“Zion!” the other black hissed.

“Got’im!” Zion grabbed my ankle, and I kicked him off. “Come here!” I kicked him off, and jumped in the trash chute, a bloody hand on the handle. It would attach to the vent. I grabbed the grate, and pulled myself in. This was going terribly. What did they want? What was in 1084? Was it 1084? Did I open it? My head hurt, and my lungs felt like they were going to burst. I crawled in the vent, and traced the homing signal on my traveling device. When I got to it, big and boring found me, and grabbed me.

“We just want to talk!” Talk and kill me, I’m sure. I kicked the ignition on my hoverboard, and blasted off. My head! My lungs! I was going to black out if I didn’t get home fast. 

“Zion! Bogies on my tail! Bogies on my tail!” his frined shouted.

“Drake, hold on! Just a little more!” Zion shouted right behind me. I grabbed the pen, and blew the boots of the other two up. If the blacks let them fall three stories, I’d hate them, and they’d have blood on their hands. I’d hate myself more, though. Zion glared at me as Drake grabbed one kid, and then he zoomed after the other. I blasted off, waving to them. I won. I was safe. Now for some food.


This would be eight pgs.


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