Chapter one

I didn’t know that I could travel to different worlds. I didn’t know I could live twice. I never knew that my roommate would drag me into a seemingly nutso fantasy world only to make me realize how COOL it was!

“Hey, kid!” someone shouted at the airport. “Yeah, you! Blonde! Peach boy! Green eyed little transfer! OVER HERE!” someone continued. I turned around and saw a white haired boy and a blackhaired girl waving a sign that had my name on it. Yukki.

“Hi” said the boy. For some reason, his eye color was red, and yet he had a healthy peach complexion. The girl had been in the sun a lot, so naturally she was tan, and she had metallic pink eyes.

“Hey. I’m Yukki, and you are?” I asked in fluent english.

“I’m Akise, another transfer, and this is…”

“A different story. You don’t get to know my name” she grumbled. Sour puss.

“Akise, nice to meet you. So, what am I here for?” I asked.

“Well, I wanted to come to America to try my little experiment. I’d like for us three to do it together” he said, smiling. Did I care? No. I smiled.

“Sure, why not?” He looked to her.

“What say you? It is your house, after all.” She shivered, and nodded.

“Fine. And BTW, I’m Xion.” Wasn’t she American? I wrinkled my brow.


“Ma had a thing for Kh.” Didn’t know what that was, but okay.

“So, we ready?” Akise asked. I nodded, and then so did Xion. We all went back to her humble home, and then he told us about it.

Chapter two

“Drop?” Yukki asked, and I nodded.


“So, its a neural transmitter?”

“Not really. You think it only puts you inside the program, but it puts EVERYTHING inside. Your feelings, your thoughts, and your strength. And when you come out of the program, you’re just as strong, smart, and everything else. You eat there, your full here. Get it?” I replied. He nodded.

“Wait, what if we… If we…”

“Die?” Xion was shaking uncontrollably.

“I mean, we’d be dead, and there is no coming back from death” she said, smirking a bit. I said nothing. “Right…? Hey, Akise, right?” I smiled.

“Actually, you can die as much as you want. If you die in this world, you go to drop, and come back to the real world, and vice versa. However, I wouldn’t recommend more than two times.” She grew fidgety.

“No way” said Yukki.

“Yes way. Only us three can use it, but what the hell.”

“But… We’ll grow old and die.”

“Actually, we won’t age a day once we hook up to D.R.O.P” I countered simply.

“What does drop stand for?” Yukki asked curiously.

“Dream Recreational Oversight Program. Drop.” Xion shook her head.

“This doesn’t feel right. Cheating the very fabric of life? Insanity.” Xion was right in one sense, but still.

“Look, Xion, I may be wrong. Okay? Its theoretical.” Not really, all the variables matched. Its just if she told anyone, they’d all go nuts. She glared at me.

“Akise, why do you need us?” she questioned. I smiled.

“It’d be boring if I were the only one.”

Yukki sighed. “I agree… But still… Its… Its… Insane, like she said.” I smiled.

“Well, if you don’t want to, its fine. I’ll do it alone” I replied, and I reached for one of the wires. Xion and Yukki did too. And then, we hooked up to drop.

Xion was in a black cloak with a ruby necklace and a bow. The cloak of shadows, a perfect camouflage for any environment. Yukki was wearing a plain white shirt with baggy blue pants, and he had no weapon. I was in a lab coat, and I had potions. “See, its fine” I said, laughing. Then it got worse.

“Really?” a voice asked, crackling in static. I knew that voice. Xion looked around, and Yukki watched me.

“What the hell?” he asked, and Xion glared at me.

“Yukki, step back” she said, drawing an arrow. It shattered into digits.

“No no no. Be good boys and girls” the voice said. I shivered, and tried to shout at him. At !(-!-(. And if you know your ABC’s, you can translate it. If you don’t know, fine.

“- Stop it, -!” I screamed.

“You lost the right to call me anything but Drop. Got it?” it asked, morphing into an actual voice. A mirror was forming with digits. And a scary figure stared at me. It was me, but pure white, more so than this sheet, and its eyes were just crimson with black pupils. Thats it.


“Akise!” Xion growled, and Yukki looking for anything to use as a weapon.

“I rather like my depiction of you” the image laughed.

“-! Why can’t I say your name, -?!” I hissed, slashing at the mirror. My hand went right through it.

“Because, I’ve made it so you can’t, Akise. And guess what else. I’m laughing at you. And guess what else? I’m going to make you pay.” Freakin -. I was falling.


“Oh, come on! Akise, you think you can change this?” it asked me. Then I hit solid ground. I was on a platform, and Yukki and Xion were across from me.

“Hey, ugly!” Xion shouted, grabbing an arrow.

“I’m the one in control here” he said. He was now covered in black. There were nine other platforms. “And I’m making the rules.” The platforms made people, three of them I knew.

“!)-!-#-!! ? !@-%-!% ? #-*-!-$ ?” I asked. Their names came out just like –

“Hey, !*-!%-@-(-!$ ? !@-!-!# ? *-(-!*!% ?” Xion asked. Yukki glared at -.

“Why don’t I know anyone?” he asked. – laughed.

“Because you know deep down you’ve met these people before. In Drop. Before it was made” – said. Nuts. “You could say you’re 1.0, and I’m 2.0. Funny, huh?” he asked.

“Please, this is all a big lie. I’m still on the plane. I’m asleep” he reasoned. I sighed.

“-, you know its me you want. Leave them be” I grumbled.

“Akise, its NOT just you. Its all those who made Drop or entered it. Or became it. I’m going to break EVERYTHING you and my stupid father made. I’m going to crush it all with the very thing he killed me for” he laughed, hysterical.

“Look, I didn’t know!” I hissed.

“But all the same, you ruined me. You made me hope that Drop would let me be happy. You trapped my soul in here because YOU couldn’t bear to think of my death. YOU made me come back from a sleep I had NO desire to return from. You, and only you. YOU made me this way. I mean, I want to see the SUN! The real sun! I want to feel everything! Happiness, warmth, pain, anger, EVERYTHING I had all those years ago.”

“Akise, WTF?!” Xion hissed. – glared at her.

“He wanted to keep me safe. And I became numb. I died, and this… This… MORON wouldn’t let me stay dead! He dragged me back! He ruined this! And now, I’m ruining HIM!” – screamed, and he grew bigger and bigger.

“Xion! Make yourself wake up!” I shouted at her, but she simply froze.

“And guess what! This world is MY chess board! And now, I’m making it so no matter what you can NEVER escape me for more than twelve hours!” he hissed, his hands wrapping around me and crushing me.

“And those shadows are going to be in this world and in the real one! And You’ll meet them in the streets! You’ll fight them in here and out there! You’ll suffer, you hear me, Akise?!”

“You built a wall to keep me locked up! You blocked out the sun I loved, the sky I still crave, the rain to quench my thirst, and my heart!” he screamed. “I’mma make you suffer!” Then I blacked out.

Chapter three

Yukki and I woke up screaming, but Akise wasn’t twitching. “Hes alive” the voice said in my head. The boy! I slashed out, sobbing.

“Get out of my head!” I screamed.

“Not happening, *-!-@%-%-!@ . You know that, don’t you? Akise is alive. It doesn’t mean I’m going to let everything he did go. You all will suffer. In twelve hours, I’m going to force the Drop sequence, and you’ll be here. Body and soul” he said, and then it was static in my ears. Yukki was shaking Akise, and then he just stopped.

“What did that thing mean when it said I was ‘1.0’?” he asked himself.

“I don’t know, and I don’t care. I saw my enemies in that dream. He said he made the game board. He thinks we’re toys. And he has our enemies HERE. In this town. And he’s putting them in Drop” I said in reply.

“But… I don’t know any of them.”

“Does it matter?!” I growled. He looked up.

“It does. I want answers. I want to know who or what I really am.”

“I want out of this crazy game!” I shot back.

“Xion, we can’t escape Drop. Its got us. We’re inside it, and we’re going back in, no matter what. We can die forever.”

“About that, you can only die twice. Then you go into a coma” the kid said, laughing in my ears. I sighed, and bit my lip.

“We. Are. Screwed.”

When the time came, I digitized, and woke up in Drop with Yukki. Akise was on the ground, and there was a pit around him. The other players were there.

“Hey, look who it is!” my three hissed. The others were glaring at Akise. I could barely breathe.

“Welcome to the games” said the kid. He was just a black mass now, right above Akise. “Before we begin, I’m telling you important stuff. In Drop as you progress, the same goes for the real world. You’ll spend twelve hours in each world.

“Each time you meet a player, you can either make peace, or you can kill them. And either way, its my entertainment. I can change the tide, and do anything I want. You’ll be fighting in Pangaea. And I’ll watch you in both realms.

“I’ll be watching you fight, and if I want, I’ll assist you. But no matter what, you will meet in both worlds. And you will not escape me.” Gee, comforting.

“Let Akise go!” Yukki growled, and the shadow laughed.

“Fork him over here so I can kill him” another player said.

“No. Right now, names. For the one Yukki and Akise know as Xion, its a lie. Her name is Hazel, and a primary target.”

“Wait, what now?!” I asked, suddenly terrified.

“Next is Robin, Leo, Hiro, Jack, Kallan, Chad.” Let me sum it up:

Players: Robin= red head, blue eyed, peach skinned.

Leo= Tan, brown hair, brown eyes.

Hiro= blonde, peach, yellow eyes

Kallan= black hair, orange eyes, pale.

Chad= Tan, brown hair, purple eyes

Jack= pale, orange sunset hair, blue eyes

Akise= pale, white haired, red eyes

Hazel= black hair, tan skin, pink eyes

Yukki= peach skin, blonde hair, green eyes.

I grimaced, and watched. All of them were… Horrifying. “Target two is Akise. Three is Robin, and so on. Nobody is to kill Yukki. Got it?” he asked.

“Hey, why am I left out if I’m in hell too?!” Yukki hissed, screaming. His eyes were tearing up. I patted him.

“Look, be happy. Lets get Akise, and wake up” I sighed. This. Was. A nightmare.


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