Chapter four


I was in a subconscious state, but heard everything. Hazel. Nice name. I wanted to wake up, but – kept me under. Well, to wake up from the secondary sleep.

“Look, why are you doing this?” Hazel asked.

“Because. None of you will really kill the person altogether. Once someone wins my game, I’ll be gone, and you’ll all wake up. I’m going to show you all how I feel. I’m making Akise pay, because he hates innocents getting caught in the crossfire.

“-, leave them be” I whispered. He let me wake up, and speak my mind. “If you want me, fine! Just leave them out of it!” I shouted.

“No, I’m going to make you pay. And this is the best.”

“Akise, you okay?!” Yukki asked. I saw Chad and I saw them. Chad. Jack. Leo. All old friends turned sour. And the rest were all Hazel’s. Robin, Hiro, and Kallan.

“Fine” I said, almost inaudibly. – patted me.

“See?” I wondered why there weren’t any girl enemies.

“I know what you’re thinking. Its because they were all more concerned with their hair than their heads” he answered aloud.

“Ahh.” I could see that. Hazel sighed.

“I’m the only chick in this world… Great.”


When we got back in the real world, she simply went to her room, and crashed. I looked at Yukki, who was too angry for words. He put some headphones in his ears. I made dinner.

“I’m sorry” I whispered, and I kept whispering it. I couldn’t do anything to help them, and I barely even knew them. Wonderful.

“Hey” Yukki said, patting me. I turned around, and smiled. “You okay?”

“Whats your favorite color?” I blurted.


“I want to know you and Hazel. I want to be friends. I want to get you two out of Drop, but that means we need to trust one another. KK?” I replied. He smiled.

“Blue. You?”

“Purple. Girly, but still.” He nodded.


“Phili roll.”


“Fav. movie?”



“So, what do you think?” he asked finally.

“Well, I trust you. Now Hazel.” He stopped me, and looked right into my eyes.

“Look, you don’t want to do that. I went to her first, and she chuckled her alarm clock at me. Let the kettle cool” he said. I sighed, and nodded.

“Good thing its summer.”


I walked into the market to see if I could find anything to cheer Haze up, when I saw Jack. He smiled, waving, and then he walked over.

“Hey, ‘buddy’ he said, patting me. I was prepared to break his arm.

“You gonna kill me?” I asked. I was ready.

“Nah. Not today. I’m just curious on why you decided it was okay to abandon the gang.” Those guys who hated me were old friends. They hated me because I left five years ago for Cali and ended up going on. Then I met Haze four years ago, but I still knew nothing about her. Funny.

“Because I had to. If I said goodbye…”

“So you’re just a big wuss.”

“Sure.” I sighed and felt angry. “You have no clue why I couldn’t say goodbye. It hurt too much” I continued. He scoffed.

“Dude, I l-” He stopped, and then he sighed.

“I liked you being my friend.” He always made my stomach go in knots. I hated it. I couldn’t handle it.

“You used to talk about me behind my back. Don’t know about what, but it probably wasn’t nice” I said, and then I walked on.

Chapter five


I didn’t like how Hazel was glaring at the wall. Where was Akise? Then I saw the darts, and heard it hit a board. She was angry.

“Stupid Robin. Stupid Hiro. Stupid Kal” she grumbled, and I saw the tears drip onto wood. “Stupid, stupid, stupid.” She kept throwing the drats.

“And Yukki, get out” she whispered, looking at me. “Please.” I walked in.

“Look, Hazel-”

“Red. I like red. And my favorite food is ceasar chicken salad. I don’t really get out and watch movies now.” Oh… She turned around and sighed, ruffling her hair.

“Hazel, why are you telling me this?” I asked. She threw a dart at me, and my collar was stuck to the wall.

“I’m telling you because if I don’t I’m going to explode. I can barely breathe. I need someone to know me. And you’re it! You and Akise, who I can barely stand!”


“Because… Because he acts so… Cocky. Happy. And he has no reason!” she hissed. I smiled.

“And? You make it seem like smiling is a sin” I chuckled. She turned pink.

“Smiling for no reason is stupid.” I was going to get punched in the face, but I HAD to try it.

“Well, what if I did this?” I asked. I went cross eyed and puffed up my cheeks, sticking my thumbs in my ears and making fake antlers. The two Hazels were on the brink, and then she smacked me. Bright red.

“Don’t you get it? We need to be serious, and stop being kids!” she shouted.

“Fine.” I smiled, and walked off. She did have a heart. I had proof.


I opened the door for Akise who was having a shiver fit. He couldn’t stop.

“Hey, Hazel opened up” I said. He nodded, smiling.

“Good. I- I need a seat” he said, and then I asked why. “I ran into Jack. He said – was going to go after Hazel in… Well, in her head, and you, and me, and everyone else.”


“Because. Insanity is the best foothold in this game” he said, rubbing his eyes.

“Why did Jack tell you?” I questioned. He smiled.

“Not the slightest clue.” Wow, he really did never stop smiling.

“So, what now?” I asked.

“Well, we hunt around. And Yukki, you stay here.”


“Because, what if they come here? You need to tell us.” Fine.

Chapter six


I walked with Akise as he smiled in the streets. People thought we were a couple, and alas, it kinda felt true. Some part of me really wanted it, the other was more than defiant with the very idea.

“Look, Hazel, its one of them” he said, shaking my arm a bit. I shivered, mostly because it was Hiro. He took my sparring class, and he was the best.

“Hello” – said, laughing in my head. Hiro saw us. “Now, for all players, I just realized how… OLD my scenario is” he sighed. “I mean, killing people was SO last year. Right?” Well, least we couldn’t really kill people.

“Then how do we win this game?” Hiro asked aloud, phone up to his ear. Nice cover.

“Well, you knock them out. Then they’ll form in Drop.”

“So Drop drops us” Akise muttered. Hiro smiled.

“Lets go” he said, smiling. I didn’t like smiles for that very reason.

“What is he going to do?” I asked. The kid laughed.

“Please, the only one he hates here is YOU. So, knock him out.” This was crazy.

“Hiro!” I shouted, fake giddyness. He was dumb.

“What’re yo-”

“Hiro, hey!” I shouted, running over. Akise just stood there.

“What?” Hiro asked as I hugged him.

“Wow! Its been a while, huh?” I asked, laughing. He turned pink.

“I have a knife. Get off” he said. I laughed.

“Hiro, c’mon! I asked you to come here, remember? To Cali?… Although… I had a dream about you and some other kids I knew… And you wanted me dead… Funny, huh?” I asked. I wasn’t going to knock him out. I wasn’t going to kill him. I was either going to convince him or stuff him in a potato sack.


“Yeah… Remember? All those letters and postcards?” I lied. Then he slashed at my shirt, glaring.

“Hey, Hazel, you slipped.” What?

“No, I-”

“You HATE postcards! You write by email or text” he said, cutting me off. Drats, he was right.

“Hiro, look, I want to make an alliance” I said. Akise walked up, and smiled. Then the kid known as Jack appeared. He waved.


“Hey.” Wow, they even rhymed together? Jack leaned on Hiro, who hit him. Well, tried. The crowd became a frenzy, and Jack caught it.

“If it weren’t for – changing the rules, I’d’ve killed you” he said simply.  Hiro grunted.

“Please, I may be dead, and I may not be human, but come on! Like I’d let you all kill one another” – scoffed.

“What do we do?” I whispered to Akise.

“I don’t know” he said, smiling. I was ready to punch him.

“Well? Ready?”

“Not without me!” Yukki shouted. I sighed. Stupid Jack. Stupid Hiro. Stupid Akise. Stupid Yukki.

CH. 7


I watched on the screens, angry. I wanted Akise to pay, but some part of me didn’t want him to die for what he did. I wanted Akise to suffer. Dying twice isn’t good enough?

“Not without me!” Yukki shouted. I sighed. What was he doing? He had no weapons.

“Hey, Robin, Kallan, Leo, Chad, go to 32nd ‘n-”

“On it” they all said simultaneously. Oh, they were waiting on the roof.

“Wait, hold on!” I shouted.

“-! Please!” Akise shouted. I sighed, and materialized Yukki beside me. What a fool.

“Hey!” Yukki shouted, floating in nothingness.

“Silence, insolent boy” I ordered, getting up from my seat. He flailed wildly.

“What is this stuff?”

“Zero gravity. My place” I grumbled under my breath. Come on! Was that so hard to figure out?

“Why are you doing this?” he asked angrily. My screens could wait. Stairs materialized beneath me, the darkness hiding me.

“Because Akise left me to die. In Drop. So fine, I’ll simply make him pay.”

“I mean, why change the rules.” Oh. I touched his foot and set him spinning vertically.

“Because I can, punk.” He decided he didn’t like that.

“Back off!” His foot went sailing for the darkness. As a program, I thought nothing could touch me, but he did. His foot hit me out of the darkness for a sec, but all the same. I was SO mad.


“Shut up!” Wow, he was kinda scary.

“Screw it” I finally said after watching him continue spinning for a while.

“I hate you” he said.

“Good, because I hate everyone. How you like them apples?” I asked. He smirked, and glared at the same time.

“You know, you look like Akise, only with black hair” he reasoned. If I didn’t want to get my hands dirty, he’d’ve been unconscious.

“And?” I asked.

“And that means somehow you two are related” he laughed. I felt a pain in the empty cavity that people called a heart.

“Time for you to sleep” I reasoned, and I simply put him under as I had Akise.

“Wheres Yukki?” Hazel asked on the screen.

“With -” Akise replied. Part of me wanted to hear my name, the other part forced it to be hidden. My name was Drop.

“Back off” Hiro said as Jack twisted his arm.

“Look, we want Akise, you want Hazel. Lets work together, then beat the snot out of one another.”

“Hey, I have an idea” Akise said, smiling.

“Yeah, I think I know” Hazel whimpered.

“RUN!!!” they both screamed, and the six were just as confused as me.







“Whimps” Leo scoffed. I sighed, and watched Yukki. Why did he want to fight so much. Stubborn goat.

“Keep it up!” Hazel shouted to Akise.

“How are you going so fast?!” he wheezed.

“Track team three years in a row PLUS training! Keep running!” she shouted, and then Akise saw the skate boards.

“No!” I hissed, leaping out of my chair.

“Thanks!” he shouted, tossing money at the former owner. This symbol rested on the bottom:

I felt the irony of this. Do you see it yet? No? Well, ‘ll leave you with this insignia a bit longer.



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