Chapters four through seven

Chapter four: O-Kay

I kept looking down at Jen. “You good?” I asked, lifting her up more. She gasped, and then found the coordination to wrap her arms around my waist and throw me over her. I fell fast first in some mud, and she proceeded by swearing under her breathe. I got back up, an Porky tapped her shoulder.

“Back off, moron” she grumbled, walking off. I grabbed her again, and saw her money, and a candle slip out. She grabbed it before it hit the ground, and cradled it.

“Oy!” one kid shouted. Red hair, blue eyes, peachy skin. “Thats OUR chick” he exclaimed. I looked her over.

“Don’t see your name on her” I replied, and some of them snickered. A blonde boy, and a boy with black hair.

“Do I care? Hand her over, and it’ll be just alright. Jen shoved the candle and shoved it in her pocket.

“You know, don’t like that. Treat her with SOME respect” Porky said, arms crossed. Jen didn’t understand what was happening.

“Look, they will beat the snot out of you” she said to me, though, don’t think she’d’ve cared if they did.

“And? I’ll do a number on them, too” I exclaimed. I LOVED fighting, if I could. It let me get out anger I kept bottled, but only if I was calm at first. Anger right away makes one a stain in the concrete.

“I said, ‘hand her over’, kid. Now” the boy said, holding up his hand, counting down from five. I let Jen go, and smiled. Oh, this would be FUN. Porky looked at me, and took a step back.

“Oh? Look at that! Even your bud knows not to screw with us!” the red head exclaimed with laughter. I walked up to him.

“No, he isn’t afraid” I said, brushing past. “He knows how I get when I’m bored.” I jabbed his spine, sending him into shock, and then continued to trip him, leaving my knee in view of his face.

“Jack!” the blonde shouted, trying to help his friend.

“Oh, good. Jack, who’re you?” I asked, and I broke his arm. Screaming and sobbing, he crumbled.

“Loui?” Jen didn’t even know what was happening, and neither did I. I wasn’t wailin on these bullies like normal.

“Hey, Porky” I said, watching the last boy, yawning.


“Not in the mood. Lets go” I said,  jumping at the boy, sending him running and screaming.

“Robin Idajonii Darkert-”


“ Is bored. The end of the world.” Jen pointed at Jack, and then to Loui.

“Th’ hell was that?” she whispered. I yawned.

“Op, Porky” I called, stretching. “‘M’bored.” He sighed, and led Jen away.

“What were you doing?” Porky finally asked. Jen bristled, and I heard her hand scrape paper.

“Probably her birthday” I replied, pulling out the slip. Sure enough it was a birthday card from ten years ago, when Jen was five. She snatched it back, and glared.

“Hands off, or else.” She pocketed it, and kept walking. I let her go on, and Porky sighed.

“Hey, I didn’t want her, you did” I said, and he shuffled back to the house. I didn’t understand why he was bummed I wasn’t running after her, and then I got it.

“Wait, you thought I was SO bored you were gonna get me a friend!” I whispered, tugging him back.

“You could think of her as a goldfish, if it helps. That is the only reason I’ve lasted this long with you” he replied, and I sneered.

“YOU are my friend, and I don’t want any girl in my friend- line- thing” I told him, and he smiled.

“Well, make it a friend triangle, cause I’m not getting rid of her.” Little backstabber. Pained, It was my turn to shuffle on.

“Traitor” I grumbled.

Oh, don’t act so hurt! You don’t even know the bloody definition!” he exclaimed, and I walked in after Jen back into the house. He was SO right. I walked to my underground study, dark halls with one light leading into my dreamworld.

“And no more of those tests!” Porky shouted. Darn, I was going to see how she reacted to being hung by her ankles upside down. Of course she’d have something to make sure she didn’t hit hard floor, but all the same.

“Fine! Leave me be!” Mrs. Mincent walked down and gave me some cookies.

“Thanks, ma’am. Did father pay the rent?” I asked.

“Not yet, but it’ll be fine” she replied. Dads version of showing me endearment is leaving me alone in a whole different state in his old house. I felt my phone ring, and looked at it.

“Yes?” I asked when I answered.

“Tick tock, Robin, tick tock” someone said, and he hung up. I didn’t get why it was so creepy, and assumed it was Porky and his games, so I simply grabbed a book. Another ring. I looked at the screen. Unknown caller. Sighing, I answered again.

“Porky, knock it off, give Jen her phone” I sighed, grabbing a second book, and then a third.

“Better start running, Robin” he said again, and he added, “Two minutes. If you don’t walk out in two minutes, something bad will happen.” I laughed, and hung up. A fourth. Again it rang.

“You know, Porky, you’re kinda-”

“Come on, Robin. Lets see how ‘dark’ your heart REALLY is. How cold you are” the person purred.

“Who is this?” I asked, calm. He was creepy, but no need to provoke him any further.

“Oh, come out and play, Robin” the person whispered, and he hung up. Mrs. Mincent walked down with another tray, and I past her. How the hell did anyone know where I was? Or who. I worked with the police, but I wasn’t a star. I solved mysteries, but accepted no public thanks. I opened the front door, and heard no words.

The phone vibrated against my leg. Hypnotically, I reached down. Hypnotized, not a word I’d use to describe myself. I answered, and saw something on the large building in the front of my house.

“So, Robin, if you would turn to the right and walk until you reached the parliament building, I’d be VERY happy” he said, and I did. Hands grabbed my, trying to pull me back to the house I pushed them off, and continued.

Porky jumped in front of me, so I walked around him, and on a little farther until I saw police and tape. Suddenly, there was the voice everywhere. I still had the phone plastered to my ear.

“See, Robin, do ya see?” he whispered. I didn’t. Everyone turned towards me. I kept on, passing under the tape. Officers yelled at me, but it didn’t matter. I saw what the person wanted.

“Wanna know why your dad hasn’t paid? Called? Or your sister? Do you see?” On the concrete at my feet lay a twenty year old woman, and a fifty seven year old man. The man’s eyes were glazed over with pain, and his pale skin bloody. He was in his suit, and a knives were stabbed in his arms. “I let him bleed, Robin. Do you see?” The woman was simply twisted in all sorts of unnatural ways. Bile rose in my throat.

“You… Sick…”

“Oh no, Robin. YOU are sick. Look up” he said, and he hung up. On the building, scrawled in spraypaint. LARGE letters. I didn’t… They were…

“Bloody message.” For Robin Darkheart, From, #1 Fan! Shudders ran up and down my spine. An officer grabbed me. I knew those calloused hands. The chief.

“A bloody message” I repeated, and the chief turned me around. His lips moved, but I only heard the wind rush by. I looked back at their bodies.

“I- A bloody message.” Porky was behind the tape, and chief led me to an ambulance.

Chapter five: Evil.

I didn’t think Robin was actually GOING someplace, I just knew Jen saw something on the news, and Robin was walking off like a zombie. His older and dear sister lay mangled beside her father, who was shanked.

“Let me through!” I growled, people blocking me. Robin was wrapped in a shock blanket, and then there was Jen, who was standing there.

“EVERYONE MOVE!!!” she screamed, and the crowd parted, letting me through to Robin.

“Hey!” chief- my dad- shouted, grabbing my shoulder. I pushed him off, and spat on his shoes.

“What is your issue?!” I shouted, and Dad pulled me into his arms.

“Look, I was worried about you” he said. Jen was next to Robin, and grabbed the phone. I was gonna do that! “I thought you were hurt.” I pushed him off.

“Didn’t stop you from hurting me yourself. OR kidnapping me, OR spying on me, OR anything else you’ve done! I couldn’t believe him! I kept on walking. He let me go and Jen smashed his phone.

“See that? That means no more of this. Got it?” she asked. He didn’t hear her, and then, everyones phone rang. Dad gave him the phone. I watched him and saw how angry he got. “Hey, what di-” He showed Jen the phone, and she shut up. Everyone turned towards her. They couldn’t be serious!

“Did I mi-” I asked, when Jen stormed off. I sighed, and was torn. She could wait. I snatched the phone, and saw an image of Jen lying in the dirt with needles jammed in her neck. “Gross.”

I walked Robin back and found Jen walking out the door. In her hand was the one bag, and lots of food. “Hey, where do you think you’re going?!” I shouted, and she shrugged.

“Anyplace but here, bud” she answered, when Robin spoke something other than ‘bloody message.’

“He- Knows where- I live. He’ll- Find you- Easy.” Jen stopped.

“And what do you suggest I do? Huh? Let everyone know who I am? The dead chic in the pic?” she asked. Robin shook his head.

“De- Ductionist?” he tried, smiling. That was a first. Jen flushed, and looked away.

“If I stick with you, I die” she said.

“You leave- You die- Faster.” Jen thought, and sighed.

“All I wanted today was get get a darn cupcake” she sighed, and she helped Robin in the house.

The next day, I woke to smell the house burning. Jen was coughing, and smoke filled the house, the alarms going off.

“No need to worry!” Robin shouted up. “Everything *cough* is fine!” Robin shouted.

“Bloody hell it is!” I shouted.

“Robin! No, that-” Mrs. Mincent shouted, and then Robin was flung into the hall. Jen slid down the rail, and Mrs. Mincent walked out in an apron, soot all over her. “Robin!” she sobbed, and I looked in the other room. He was on the table in his normal clothes, his pants burning. He sniffed the air, and looked down.

“Look at that” he said, patting it out with mittens.

“What the bloody hell were you doing?! Oh, poor Mrs. Mincent!” I sighed. Jen walked over with a bowl of mush that was still burning.

“Were you TRYING to kill us all?” she asked, and she simply sighed.

“I was… I’m hungry” he said. Oh, this was odd.

“Oh, don’t be silly! Deary, he wa trying to bake you a cake!” Mrs. Mincent said, and Robin clapped his hands.

“Great, I’m thinking Diablo’s breakfast burritos, how bout you guys?” he asked, changing the subject.

“He tried making a vanilla chocolate swirl, just in case, and he got you two candles, and they’re numbers!” she chuckled.

“Yeah, lets go next door and have some burritos” he said, and walked towards the door.

“Wait he was actually trying to be nice?!” I asked, amazed. He sneered. I smirked, and Jen sighed.

“I’ll help clean” she said, but Mrs. Mincent wouldn’t have it.

“Go get something to eat!” she exclaimed, shoving us out the door. Jen, still not used to this form of endearment, looked at the now closed door, then at Robin, then at me.

“WTH?” I smirked, and shrugged. Isn’t this fun?

“Yeah, lets get some food” he said with a smile. Was he-

“OMG. You’re blushing!” I exclaimed, laughing.

“No I’m not” he said, blushing even more. This was ridiculous. He was BLUSHING!!! HIM!

I laughed, rubbin my hands together. He actually DID have feelings!

“Oh, this is PRECIOUS” I whispered to myself, getting out my video app. “Jen, C’mon and h-”

She was looking down, arms knitted, and her cheeks a rosy pink. “Are you kidding? I’m good” she replied.

“You two- W- Wha?” I asked, going crosseyed to display my confusion.

“Lets go” Robin said.

“Sure. Just, try not to burn the place down.”

“Thats no fun.”

“Shame.” Jen was let inside, and I poked him in the ribs.

“Smooth” I whispered. He gave me a blank expression.


“You know, Jen, the door, the cupcake. So you DO have a heart” I replied, walking in.

“No, I’m studying her. She is new and different, and so, I’m trying to see all possibilities” he replied with a yawn.

“Then what the bloody hell was the cupcake for?” I asked.

“Oh, to see if she’d get mad or not. She has yet to respond” he said, NOW holding a recorder.

“God, to think you even NOTICED yesterday” I grumbled, thinking when he was crying. He couldn’t cry. “Not even human” I reasoned, and I got next to Jen.

“Sup?” she asked.

“Yeah, you know Robin is just experimenting on you, right?” I asked. She got out a notebook, and wrote, ‘obvious.’

“Yep. In turn, I’m testing him. Cool, huh?” she asked, and I facepalmed.

“Bloody jerks. Bloody studies. Stupid bloody kids” I grumbled as I walked to the desk.

When we got back, we had three appointments, and one of them caught my eye. One from that jerk, Jack. He came knocking, and glared at Jen and Robin. I had to interview him.

“What?” I asked. He reached in his pocket, and gave me a note.

“An old dude asked me to get this to you” he grumbled and walked away. Opening it, I heard a phone ring, and then a loud bang. Right in front of me, right at my feet, a bullet hole. A sniper.

“Get down!” I growled, forcing Jack down and towards the door. Another shot. Jen ran in with this shotgun, and ducked beside me.

“Not a word, Porky, not a word” she said, and then she jumped and pulled the trigger. I looked over and saw the gun pointed away from us, and Jen set the gun down, and pointed at Jack.

“I have ALWAYS wanted to do that, specially to you.” She let it sink in. “Don’t screw with me.” I now knew not to piss her off, and shuddered. Robin dragged himself up the stairs, Loui and the other kid on him.

“Pull harder, Kal!” Loui shouted.

“You pull!”

“OR, let the hell go, morons!” Robin hissed, trying to kick them off. “Dudes!” Jack shouted, glaring at them. Robin crawled in, and the two fell back down. Jen chuckled, and then opened the note.

Lonely Hide and seek, 2:56. Comment on top. She grabbed my computer, and sighed.

“Even now he has his moments” she said to me, and a music video showed up. It was already on 2 minutes and 53 seconds.

“The demon breaking their lips muttered ‘well, looks like I win’” some kid whispered, and it paused. The comment below was simply a heart, and ‘Nero+Robin.’ “Thats SO not creepy” Jen mumbled sarcastically, but Robin didn’t get it.

“I think its creepy” he said to her, and we both sighed.

“How do you STAND him?”

“I don’t.”

“Then what do you do?”

“I go nuts, scream in the bloody pillow, and act like it didn’t happen.”

“Even though you know it did?”


Chapter six: Blog

I made a blog about what Robin did, and the note, and the video.

Mr. Darket- sorry, Dark-Heart- proceeds to remind me of my sanity. He almost burnt the house down trying to make me a cupcake. Ridiculous. And the day before, he was still in shock about his family. Today he acted like it didn’t happen. I still stay because Mr. Dark-Heart intrigues me, along with Porky P. Peterson, my employer.

If I stay, I could be killed or kidnapped, but also get paid for what I love AND get a new insight.

If I leave, I’m shunning my talents, and a possible future, cause God knows if I’ll last. Wish me luck, TTFN. Within hours I had gotten 300,000 views, and Mr. Dark-Heart- along with Porky and myself- were BOOKED with cases. All lame, but all paying for the bills.

Within a couple days, Robin started getting more sincere with me, Jack would keep saying how sorry he was and bring me stuff, and Porky couldn’t even look at me without turning pink. I ALSO learned to embrace my gender more openly, wearing more dresses and purses, but no makeup. I drew the line there.

“Hi” I said, walking in with a notebook. Porky was bright pink and sweating, and Robin looked away.

“Hello” Porky said, waving. He didn’t have a crush on me, that much I knew. He just was being too cautious. Robin? Who could be sure about him? An old woman was crying, and her husband looked sad for her.

“We LOST it! The ticket! It was horrible” she explained, inhaling with a sad note. The husband tapped his pocket.

“No, he stole the money” I sighed, grabbing the ticket and the money attached. She was in shock, and slapped the man. “Mrs. I am sorry, if you need, we c-”

“You son of a- I was- We-” she screamed, barging out. I walked after her, and the husband glowered at me.

“Treat her better, you twit” I said simply, and I walked back.

“I intend to, J” the old man said.

“Stuff it. Its Jen” I grumbled. “Grandma knew that.” I walked back up, and Robin shoved his file in my face. I pushed it back.

“No, Rob, no.” I wouldn’t live with that twit. Though he was my grandfather, I’d never be like him. Or live with him.

“Look, like it or not, you had a place to live” Robin said. Porky tried to pull him away. “So why didn’t you?”

“Why didn’t you live with your dad?”

“Not the same.”

“You’re right. That person is way older, and way richer. But you know, all the same.”

“Look, you shouldn’t hang with rats like us.”

“Stuff it. I’m going to my room.”

I threw my purse on my bed, and sighed. I didn’t like my grandfather. I looked across the street and at the building where Robin’s family was left. Sickened by this, I looked away again, and looked at my hands. This was annoying.

Blog Entry 26

The boys have yet to get a good case, and I find that it is hard for me, too. There is nothing exciting. I’m tempted to go look for one I can do on my own, but it’d probably be stupid. I just need to wait, and hope the boys don’t go to- There was gunfire, and I knew what that meant.

Nevermind, Robin is shooting a hole in the house. TTFN. I sighed, and watched as smoke drifted into my room. Porky came knocking.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“I’m bored.”

“You sound like Robin.”

“I was… I want to…” Was I wrong? Did he have a crush on me? “Ask you out.” OMG, I was! I nodded.

“Alright… Dinner?” I asked, and he turned pink.

“I was thinking a movie” he replied. “But, if you want.”

“I don’t mind.” I did, movies were odd, and I hadn’t been in a theatre in forever.

“Well, dinner then… In a couple minutes?”

“Sure… Thats fine with me.” Not really. I’d break the fact I didn’t like him before we left or got serious.

I looked down, and my heart kept beating, getting faster and faster. Stop, I thought, stop it! Hes a friend, for God’s sake! He pecked my cheek lightly, and as you can imagine, that probably didn’t help. My phone rang.

Hi. It was Robin.

Bit busy, k?

Look, was wondering if you wanted to go on a walk with me. Was it ‘lets-ask-Jen-out-and -shock/scare-the-crap-out-of-her-and-make-her-feel-guilty-if-she-says-no’ day? It must’ve been.

Robin, I’m not falling for it. Plus, I’m already going out. I texted back. Porky waited, and then walked off before he could second guess himself. The phone rang again, so I ignored it. No need to bother with him. I got ready, took a shower, put on another dress, and crossed the line. I put on mascara and lipstick.

There was a knock on my room, and I opened it to see Porky in a tux.

“I know I got dressed up, but… Okay” I said, blushing. He just stood still.

“I… I got a nice place… Hope you like it” he said. Why was he hitting on me? I wasn’t-

“You look nice… Its cute.” Oh. My. God.

“Um… You too… Handsome, I mean.” Robin came in with a knock, and just stared. I couldn’t believe his nerve! He was in a suit too.

“What is-”

“Yeah, we got a case… He needs to come with” Porky sighed. No, he just wanted to bug me.

“What? Porky, yo-” Porky slammed his fist in Robin’s gut, and laughed sheepishly. Was he hooking me up with Robin? I slammed the door, crushing Porky’s foot.

“Please?” he asked, trying not to cry.

“Gee, not that this isn’t weird or anything, but no” I replied, kicking his foot out, and slamming it. I locked the door, and sighed. I didn’t need this. I got in camo jeans and my shirt I had when I first moved in, and my hoodie.

“See ya.” I jumped out the window and onto the dumpster, smiling. I always did like doing that. I ran off into the shadows, thrilled. I didn’t need them, I’d get my own case. Oh, how wrong I was.


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