Chapters eight, nine, and ten.

Chapter eight: Not new.

I felt my now bare feet scrape across the floor, and the sack over my head giving me a rash on my shoulders. My shirt had gotten torn off when I tried getting back to the house. I was tossed in a chair, and bright light flooded my eyesight as the bag was torn off my head. I stretched, and leaned in the seat.

“Dad, this gets really bloody annoying.” Chief walked out of the corner, and crossed his arms.

“Son, I can understand if you’re desperate-” Oh, this again.

“Dad, I’m no-”

“But you don’t get to go out with Robin! I won’t allow it!” I sighed.

“A, why would it matter if I was gay. Some of my friends are gay. It doesn’t affect you. B, not gay. C, I was going to sit in a seperate booth, and let Jen and Robin go out and eat. So, you gonna let me go, or do I need to escape. Again.” He pointed at my ‘room.’ A prison cell with no windows, and only one door.

“New” he said, pointing at it. I sighed, and turned around. Noone touched me, and I walked out as chief screamed at me.

When I got back, I saw Robin being stupid. He was trying to make a hoverboard, and he succeeded. He also smashed into the bookshelf, and Jen kept a blindfold on. She said she was embarrassed. Robin didn’t like it.

“Help?” he asked as his legs flailed. I heard about his ankle, so I helped him down and in a seat. He smiled.

“What was it this time?” he asked. How I escaped.

“Walked out the front door.” He nodded, and netted together his fingers.

“JEN has something very odd to show you” he said.

“No, Robin, I don’t” she answered, arms crossed. He pointed at her head. The blindfold. Mrs. Mincent sighed, and walked out the door, leaving the three of us to do whatever was needed.

“Jen, please?” I asked, Robin sneaking up behind.

“I can hear you. Not cool” she grumbled, arms crossed.

“Look, its cool!” Robin moaned, slumping over. Jen thought, and slowly took off the cloth.

“Wow… Okay” I whispered. Pink. Not my favorite color, but a color all the same. I shuffled up to her, and cocked my head.

“How’d that happen?” I asked.

“Contacts” she said hastily, and Robin glared at her.

“No, surgery. Its odd, and she doesn’t remember half of it” he answered, and she scoffed.

“Whatevs.” This was a new word for her.


“Oh, leave me be.” I chuckled, and Robin smiled, somewhat sincerely.

“Well, good news is you’re alright.” I nodded, and she turned around.

“Look, I don’t care. We need to find this guy.” I laughed.

“Are you that bloody stupid? He kidnapped you! He is way better than we thought! You can’t just ‘find’ him, otherwise, Robin’d’ve done it by now!” I said, arms thrust out in the air. She nodded, and then said,

“Then lets get better at solving stuff, and we’ll get him. Plus, I think there’re more than just him. C’mon, Sherlock” she said, smiling. Robin bristled.

“Okay, please stop that” he grumbled.

“Would you rather be Watson?”

“I’d rather be me!” I was rolling, and even Robin managed a smirk when Jen joined me.

“That. Was. Awesome. Great lines” I told her, and she nodded.

“I thought so.” Robin walked off, and Jen smiled.

“You know, I’m glad I’ve stayed” she said. So was I. Robin was growing more and more human. I enjoyed that much.

Next case was one more interesting than the others. A boy went missing, and was the fifth in the area. All of them had dark hair, dark eyes, and pale skin. At first, each parent thought they were at a friends, but they weren’t. They got threats, vidoe’s of their children being locked up, and had to pay a tax every other day to ensure the child’s safety. Wanting to see their son again, they naturally hired us.

“Jen, pistol?” Robin asked, and she had one in her pocket.

“Do we have permits for those?” I asked nervously as I got my knife. Those I could have.

“I got mine, Robin doesn’t care about the rules, and your dad sent you one. So, yes” Jen said.

“Hes hoping you shoot me” Robin explained with a smug smirk. I often wanted to, but it didn’t mean I would.

“Yeah” I chuckled, putting mine in a holster.

“First, we need a map. The locations of where the children were, where they could be, ect.” Jen already had the map, and already connect the dots.

“So, a pentagon. And what fits in a pentagon?” Robin asked.

“A circle?” Jen guessed.

“A square?” I opted.

“A triangle. A star” Robin said gleefully.

“That means we had to simply make the star, and go to those five locations” he said, getting out a sharpy. First building was the Baker’s hotel, second was the Matria bank, third was an abandoned civil wars shelter, fourth was an old motel, and fifth was an ancient park.

“Lets go.”

Chapter nine: First

The Baker’s hotel was SO creepy! It was cold, and the people there were more so. I had to cover my eyes with my hoodie, and even then they watched me with an expression that said, ‘Freak! Get off my lawn!’ I walked inside after Robin and followed by Porky. A woman was standing there, still and unmoving.

“Is she dead?” Porky asked. Robin poked her with a pen.

“Who dies and keeps standing?” he asked.

“A person who was hung, a person encased in wax, a stuffed person-” I said, counting on my fingers. Both glared.

“Really?” Porky asked. I shrugged.

“Its true!” It was. Really.

“And?” Robin asked, walking behind the desk, only to get smacked in the face by the woman. She cackled, and coughed up dust.

“Ah, far too long, lad, far too long” she wheezed, smacking the table with her fist. We were all collapsed on the floor from when she jumped.

“G-Great” I gasped, clutching my chest.

“Crazy old hag” Robin moaned, clutching his ankle. His orthotics were working well, for his line of work, like getting the snot beaten out of him.

“Nutso. Round the bend” Porky gaped, looking at me. Oh, I was sitting on him. I got off, and pulled him to his feet as the woman collected herself.

“Sorry, gents- I mean, ladies and gents- I couldn’t help it” she said. I felt so… Flat chested, if you know what I mean. I wrapped my arms around my chest, when I realized she meant Porky. The lady has half blind.

“I mean, those glasses are so not what a lady should wear.”

“Scuse me?!”

“And those dreadful pants! Jesus!” she gasped. I used this to my advantage.

“Yes, we were looking for a store, you have one?” I asked. She pointed down the hall.

“Straight, deary, straight.” I nodded, and dragged Porky and Robin behind me. And I dragged them to the sign that said, ‘Authorized Personnel only.’ This would be fun.

Rats. I HATE rats! They scuttled on the basement walls and floors, and dried blood was everywhere. I didn’t like it, at all. I was squeezing Robin’s hand tighter than a python did one of those monstrous balls of fur.

“Jen, my fingers are blue” Robin said, emphasising the fact. Another rat crawled on my shoes, and my grip tightened. Porky slipped his fingers between ours, giving Robin his hand back.

“Bloody hell, thats tight” he whispered to himself, and then there was a flood of the things. Screaming, I jumped in the air, and slung myself on Porky’s shoulders.

“Run! Run run run run run!” I squealed, protecting my head. He tripped, and I fell in some mud. The two couldn’t help but laugh, and then a rats face was looking at me. I screamed, swatting at my hair, and ran into a brick wall. Robin sighed.

“Well, that was a waist” he noted, and I nodded.

“Evil monstrous rodents. Hate’em. Hate’em so much.” robin helped me up, and we all got me in some new clothes from the store, and simply walked out, cause the lady pitied us. She gave everything to Porky free, the shirt, the underwear, the skirt, and the bra. My turn to laugh.

Chapter ten: Second

The bank had plenty of vaults, but only one that could possibly match the damp settings we were looking for. An underground vault, forgotten by most, and those who remembered feared it, cause lots of killers were said to have hid there. I personally enjoyed that fact, because it was impossible for one to live there and kill and NOT be caught. I mean, so unreasonable.

“Down here?” Jen whispered, nervous and worried.

“Well, yeah, but I doubt anyone is here” Porky said, pointing at all the dust. “No footsteps. No prints. No people.” Jen nodded.

“Then WHY are we going down?” she asked.

“Because when is the next time you’ll have a REASON to go ‘down’?” Porky replied, and she nodded.

“Fine.” Jen sat beside me, and smirked. How silly of her, to be so scared.

“I don’t LIKE going down in the dark” she grumbled. No one did.

“Well, just a small peak” Porky said. He was still nervous.

“Once we find those kids, you two owe me something” she said, and then Porky fell down the steps. He sure knew how to make a kid smile.

“Nice *snicker* Nice.” Jen was next, and then it was me. She fell beside Porky, and I fell halfway on her. I stopped myself from face planting/ accidentally kissing Jen. I was a pink mess, and my cheeks burned. “I. Am. So sorry” I said, getting off.

“Um… Its fi- I mean, thanks. Not for the fall- Or um th- I-” She was just like me. Pink, and smart… And… Oh my lord, I was fantasising about her. I helped Porky up, and let Jen get up on her own. She screamed, and pointed between my feet. I saw a skull.

“Oh, hey… Porky?”

“Get rid of it.”

“Aw, but I was-”

“You are SO not keeping that in the bloody fridge.”

“But it isn’t bloody yet.”

“Not now, Robin.”

“Oh, come on! A souvenir!” I looked up the stairs to see Jen was already there. Okay. Why? I looked behind me, bones of animals and humans bundled into cages and coffins. Porky was up next. I didn’t go up, because the bones fell ontop of me, and an ac landed beside my head, cutting off a lock of my hair. I scrambled up the stairs and slammed the door, screaming.

“Holy Shnitzle-fritz!” I shouted, as a substitution. Newyears had come around before Jen, and I said I’d not cuss, because I was bad about that before.

“What?” Jen asked, and Porky explained.

“You got it?”

“Yeah.” She nodded and sighed, watching me as I slumped. My phone started vibrating. I didn’t want to answer it. Ever. Then Jen’s vibrated, and she didn’t even KNOW she had one! And then Porky’s, and then everyone elses. I sprinted out, tasting iron. My lip was bleeding. I just wanted to find those kids.

“Leave me be” I whispered, when it hit me. We didn’t have time! I had to answer. Swearing under my breath, I pressed the green button. “I swear.”

“Look, don’t be rude, silly.” Creeper.

“Where are they?”

“They’re converging. Snap to it. You’re smart, you figure it out.”

“W-” He hung up on me. HE hung up on ME. Wait, why did I even care?

“Converging… I wish I had that stu-” Porky. I bolted, and reached in his pocket.

“Oh, that SO makes you seem straight” Porky squeaked, horrified.

“Don’t get too excited” I replied a I pulled out the map. I grabbed a pen off a nearby table, and made straight lines through the points. All of them went back to our house. Or, right behind it, at least.

“What are you doing?” Jen asked, and I leapt up, caught in the moment of ingeniousness, and kissed her with joy, not caring at all.

“This is brilliant!” I shouted, and I left them hanging by sprinting out the door. I think Porky had to catch Jen, but I didn’t really pay attention.

“For once, I’m happy that old goat called” I muttered to myself with a smile. This. Was. Genious.


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