Chapters 2 and 3 in Dark Heart, Home, and hair series

Chapter two: Porky P. Peterson.


I looked in on the now unconscious black haired boy, his pale skin punctured by needle and his once emerald eyes closed.

“You are getting bored, old friend. Too bloody bored” I sighed, and so, I put my plan into action. I called all the people who asked for the spare room, and held meetings with them all. First, an old man, who wanted a place to stay. He had been a drug dealer, a thief, and a murder suspect.

“Nope” I sighed.

Next was a teacher, who was actually a pickpocket who tried to snatch my wallet.


The third was a boy who like cocaine and was still hungover from the twenty beers he had.

“Society crumbles once more” I moaned, preparing to give up. A fourth knock. I opened the door, letting out the boy, and rushing in the next. A teenage kid who kept his face hidden and his hands between his legs, nervous. The pants weren’t tight, but they were small. His hands were cut, and the fact he didn’t want to look at me told me it all.

“We’re only doing interviews right now” I told him, and he nodded.

“I- I’m a deductionist, too. I’m going to a good school called Trinity Prep, and I want to live here cause my dad got in a fight after getting drunk, and ended up in the hospital…” Oh, a girl.

“Is he… Alright?” I asked. She shook her head.

“He woke up, beat me, and had a heart attack. Pretty sure thats not ‘alright’” she whispered, and I nodded. She was probably still in shock, and she was a deductionist too. Robin NEEDED a new person, no matter how much he didn’t like the idea.

“Well, thank you, Miss…”

“Jennifer… I’d like if you call me Jen though” she replied, shaking my hand as her own trembled.

“Sure… Let me grab you a drink, Miss Jenni- Jen” I said, correcting myself, and walked into the kitchen

“Nice lass, don’t you think?” Mrs. Mincent asked- being the landlady and such.

“I think… It’ll be interesting to have her stay with us” I replied, and I got the glass. Mrs Mincent walked in, and gasped.

“Deary! Goodness me! C’mere, lass, c’mere!” she said, rushing our new roommate into the restroom next door. In the reflection given by the mirror, I saw a girl with hazel hair, olive skin, and brown eyes look at Mrs. Mincent, who was looking at her black eye.

“Deary, what’cha doin?! You let me take a looksi!” Mrs. Mincent cried.

“Mrs. I’m bother ‘nuff. Its fine, really, Mrs.” Jen replied, flushing and refusnig eye contact.

“Like hell it is! Pardon my language, but whoever did this deserves to go to you-know-where!” Mrs. Mincent exclaimed.

“He is in ‘you-know-where’” Jen replied, and I walked in.

“Jennifer- sorry, ‘Jen’- if you live here, you aren’t a ‘bother’. This is your home now, alright?” I exclaimed, and she nodded, turning about. She hit the jewel of Robin’s collection- his ming vase- and the back cracked. Mrs. Mincent chuckled, lifted it, and simply turned that side around.

“Deary, he won’t notice, don’t you fret” she said. Oh, how wrong she was. Right then there was a loud knock at the door, and I opened it to see a man helping Robin stand.

“Porky, I’mma skin you” he said, and he collapsed in my arms.

“Thank you” I told the man, closing the door. Jen came over, and Robin looked at her, then the mirror.

“My vase!” he screamed, and I facepalmed. “My… My ming… My… My vase!” he whispered in horror.

“I think all you need is a nice nap, don’t you?” I asked him, and I pulled him to the left and into his study/ bedroom, books littered on the sheets.

“Who is that chick?” he asked. Mrs. Mincent suddenly shouted.

“Oh stop being such a silly girl!” she said, and I sighed, setting him down.

“Be right back” I said to him, pulling up his covers.

“With my vase, I hope” he grumbled, and I walked away.


Mrs. Mincent was blocking Jen from exiting the house. “Mrs. I am clearly a bother! Let me though!” he sighed with a glare.

“Nonsense!” Mrs. Mincent replied, and Jen grumbled something.

“Jen, you aren’t a bother… Now, about your clothes” I sad. She was in a boys outfit, black shirt with a gray hoodie and camo pants. “Bloody hell… Never thought I’d say THIS, but lets go shopping.” She shuddered, and I dragged her out.


Chapter three: Ridiculous!


I couldn’t believe the boy who had lived in Dionit- your Britain- was giving the girl who was raised in Ambrosia- your America- shopping tips. No, not how thing worked.

“This is nice” he said, grabbing me a dress. It was for funerals! “Or this.” Sure, tanktop, cute, if it isn’t bloody! Like, blood was on the sleeve! GROSS! “Maybe this?” he asked, handing me a REALLY short skirt. I shoved it away, and looked in the girls section, finding a gray shirt with a rose over a cross on the chest region with extra roses in the back, and some simply blue jeans.

“That could work” he said, blushing. I immediately tried to buy them, only to find I only had twenty dollars, and the clothes were $57.98. Sighing, I turned to leave, when Porky paid. I wasn’t used to this sort of charity.

“This isn’t something you need to worry about” I sighed, and he smiled.

“You are LIVING with me, so I’d prefer you don’t look like a hobo” he replied. Stoop.

“But… I could’ve just… Look, let me worry ‘bout me, kk?” I grumbled, and he laughed.

“Nope.” I grumbled, and he turned pink. Then his phone rang.


“You, noobie, why do you think you should live here? Huh? Huh?” the boy asked. I sighed.

“I’m a deductionist… And, I have fighting experience.” A simpler way to say I got the crap beaten out of me plenty of times. Porky- I think he said he’d let me call him that- sighed, and facepalmed.

“Bloody moron. I already interviewed her!” he growled, and I looked the kid over. He was holding a knife, and I jumped back, getting in a defensive stance.

“Jen, wh-”

“Alright, you get to stay. On ONE condition” the boy said, throwing the knife in the floor.

“What?” I asked. Not, ‘what did I have to do’, I meant, ‘WTF.’ He smiled, knowing what I meant.

“No questions. Right?” Porky sighed.

“Look, you are going to scare the crap outa her.” Hey, I wanted to say, he already did. Mrs. Mincent walked me out, and into my room, setting the bags on my bed. I simply flopped on the bed with a moan. What was I getting into? And I had to walk around tomorrow… Darn it!


Next morning, I woke up with my ankles being shackled by the boy. “Ro-In!” Porky gurgled.

“You’ve been in worse. You’re already out of the ropes!” he exclaimed. I lurched to punch him, but my hands were tied behind my back. “No-”

“Stuff it! Let me go!” I screamed, thrashing. I fell on th floor, and saw Porky in a still filling box of glass, thrashing in the water.

“Se-con- Mo-” he gasped, writhing about. Robin smiled and I thrashed about, screaming.

“Let me go!!!” I sobbed, and he sighed.

“See, that’d ruin the whole point of a test, you know that, right?” he asked me, undoing the cuffs. When he did, I socked him, and twisted his arm back, almost breaking his nose.

“I am DONE.”


I put on my hoodie, and walked into the town, looking for the bakery. I had to get my cup- “No…” It was closed. I bit my lip, shoved my hands in my pocket, and walked on. I passed by three guys I knew- not in a good way- and quickened my pace.

“Where you goin?” one of them asked, dunno who.

“Oh, looka her. So puttiful” another said with a pur. I pushed past.

“Nuuh, sweet cheeks” said their boss. He tore off my hood, and smiled with a cruel grin.

“Stuff it” I grumbled, and he punched me in the gut.

“You outa be nicer to me, sweet cheeks” he whispered in my ear as I leaned on his shoulder, gasping. I stood straight again.

“F-Fine. Shake?” I asked, extending my hand. He took it, thinking he won, when I spun and in turn, made him lurch over and twisted his arm all the way back, sending him into the street.

“L-Let go” he pleaded, tapping the floor as his guys tried to figure out how to hurt me and NOT break their boss’ arm.

“You know, you outa be nicer to people who’re smarter than you” I pointed out, and I ran, until someone grabbed one of the loops on my pants. My legs lifted over my head, and I fell upside down. I said some not so nice things as I braced my face.


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