Hi, I’ll be writing and posting chapters from a book I wrote each week, please read!

Chapter one: RD beats MR.

“I just- I missed- *sniffle*- missed him so much! And he- he- *sniff* he died!” I sobbed into a handkerchief, and Mr. Rachel smiled.

“Um, Mrs…”

“Maybeck. Laura Maybeck” I sniffled, still not looking at her.

“When he called, did he say anything?” she asked.

“He said a M.R. had wanted him- Him- Dead!” I sobbed. She got up and locked the door.

“Mrs… Mrs. Rachel?” I whispered, and she sat back down.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Laura, but I’m going to have to call the police.”

“W-Why?” I whispered.

“Well, you opened this here window, and before I could stop you, jumped out and killed yourself” Mrs. Rachel explained.

“And it’ll be Mrs. Madeleine Rachel Ruthford who called, alright, sweetie?” she asked. I jumped from my seat, and laughed victoriously, phone in hand.

“Haha! Another case solved!” I shouted, doing a mini dance where I stood. For a moment, she was dumbstruck, giving me enough time to open the door and let in the police.

“W-What?!” she screamed, thrashing as they grabbed her.

“See what happens why you try to murder me? It simply doesn’t work” I told her with a shrug, and smiled. I won! AGAIN! She screamed as she was dragged outside, and then Porky, my companion, walked in, books and files in hand, a glare on his face.

His blonde hair swished back and forth, his slender body tried desperately to grip the books, too big for his frame. His black eyes lingered behind glasses, hidden by glare from the lights, and his healthy skin was bruised from him tripping on the stairs yesterday morning.

“Hey, before you go all kung ho on me, I got her” I said in my defense. He threw the files down, and glared at me.

“You’re a bloody ass, you know that. She was a bloody murderer!” he hissed, and I smiled.

“Yes, Porky, I know that” I replied.

“Portay! You know, don’t even care. Fine, Porky” he grumbled.

“Well, I did get her, and I even got some tea out of it!” I said triumphantly. My head hurt, but nothing some asprin wouldn’t fix. Porky jumped up, and ran over to my cup, and licked the rim.

“Porky, you’re kinda creepin me out” I told him, and he spat onto the carpet.

“Sit down! Right now! Sit sit sit sit sit!” he growled, slamming me back in the chair.

“Ow!” I shouted, and then I realized. The tea smelled like a lily, and that was one sign for poison. “Witch” I grumbled, crossing my arms as paramedics came. God I hated them.

“Porky, I’ve been locked in a closet for three days with a rattle snake, I’ll be-” I began, but he simply let them carry me off.

“Porky! PORKY!!!” I screamed. He simply KNEW I hated needles and hospitals and such! He knew full well!

“Tata, Robin Darkert” he said, waving.

“Its Darkheart!” I growled as I held onto the doors frame. Dark- Hart, if it is easier for you. And please, no making fun.

“Its Darkheart!” I growled as I held onto the doors frame. Dark- Hart, if it is easier for you. And please, no making fun.


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